November 2014

Get Your Organisation To Level Up Its Commitment to UX

Getting your organisation to take UX seriously isn’t the challenge it once was.

UX has its foot firmly in the door but there’s still a lot of work to do. Intergrating UX into the fabric of an organisation often ends up as the solo mission of a sole change agent (usually a lone developer).

Each organisation is different but there’s common problems that are repeatedly faced. These barriers crop up again and again but there is rock solid ways to make headway.

Levelling up – Fast track to improvement.

Essentially, if you want to improve your products, then levelling up your UX is essential. First things first, ask yourself some important questions;

First things first, you need to work within the cycle of development.

How experienced is your organisation?
How ready is it to accept these kind of changes?
What resources do you have at your disposal?
What can you do to influence and change things?

If you’re a lone voice develop allies quickly. Ignore established complacency and get everyone on board.

Ensuring your whole organisation is behind the shift towards better UX. So, what practical steps can you take?

Here are three activities to get started:

1. Hold a workshop.
When it comes to getting your whole organisation onboard, get vocal. Hold regular workshops that cater to more than those in UX. Use these meetups to help team members engage with what UX is to them. It’s about users who are ultimately our customers.This should be inclusive with every department in your organisation having an appreciation of their role in delivering value in the form of UX.

2. Conduct research collectively.
If for no other reason than it delivers better results. Research in all its forms is a massive UX essential. From device knowledge to user personas, encourage the whole organisation to master the art of user research. The spoils of research benefit more than just user experience teams so breed a collective responsibility and ensure a team-wide commitment to quality data.

3. Carry out a UX self-assessment.
Matthew Magain, stellar UX specialist, is a massive advocate of constant assessment of your skills and passion for UX. Get your UX team to conduct them regularly using Matt’s technique –

An argument for improvement.

A million and one reasons, followed by even more questions. When it comes to convincing your CEO, you will need to be able to show the return on UX investment. Let the data do the work for you. What are your KPIs? How can UX help? Use straight-up data to make your case, it’s your partner in persuasion.

When o organisation makes a push for better UX they make a push for better quality. It’s a worthwhile endeveour try to be patient, win trust & support along the way.